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SmartBench V1.3 Mini PrecisionPro

The Mini PrecisionPro builds upon the successes of the Smartbench lineup, making production-grade CNC machines available for everyone regardless of workspace size or location.

Whether you're new to CNC machining, or a G code whiz, the user-friendly design of the 4x4 foot Smartbench V1.3 Mini PrecisionPro will have you machining your first parts in no time. It features a full-colour touchscreen console to control the machine and even program basic designs with the included Shapecutter app.

After work is done, Smartbench V1.3 Mini PrecisionPro can be disassembled by one person in only a few minutes for storage or transportation.

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We have expanded our selection of Kapro tools to include new squares with some truly innovative features and a great laser + tripod set with an equally great set.
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MTR-X Precision Multifunction Triangle Set

The MTR-X Precision Multifunction Triangle delivers accuracy and repeatability to layout, setup, cutting, and assembly tasks. Attaches to guide rails for square or angled cuts, and can be used on an MFT with dogs. Also ideal for layout, machine setup, or assembly.
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Festool is a world renowned power tool company know for their quality, precision and comprehensive tool catalog.

What ever you application, Festool has you covered.

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Third-Party Accessories for Festool Tools

We offer a wide range of third party accessories for your favourite Festool products; from TSO to Woodpecker.

Check out our range of products.

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Sanders & Polishers

We sell the smoothest running sanders available for any application.

Whether you're finish sanding or removing popcorn plaster ceilings we can find the perfect sander for you.

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Dust Extractors

Dust extractors are so much more than dust collectors.

If yours doesnt have; wireless connectivity, intergrated auto start, auto clean and systainer stacking capability you are missing out.

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“I have known Dan Clermont on several woodworking forums for several years where, as an experienced and articulate woodworker, he has been a major contributor. Already, I have I have placed two orders with him and have returned one item and he has been very responsive. As proof that Dan knows the Festool product line well, one of those items was an obscure part not listed in the Festool catalogue. Dan knew the part number and could offer advice as to it’s use.”

Frank Pellow

“I’m glad we found Dan Clermont of Ultimate Tools! From the first time we met, he offered outstanding customer service and the best tools available. We will be back for more!”

Eco Furniture

Victoria, BC
“I’ve dealt with Dan Clermont of Ultimate Tools on more than a few occasions and have found his service and attention to detail outstanding. Once you place your order with Dan there is no need to think about it again until it hits your door. You can feel confident Dan will get it to you ASAP without any of those unnecessary delays you can run into when dealing with large organizations. When it comes to Festool products in Canada Ultimate tools is my first port of call.”


Nobleton, Ontario
“"Dan Clermont from Ultimate Tools is a craftsman, a walking library of information and above all else, a standup guy. He goes out of his way to assist in any way possible. I would never take me time to recommend anyone to people, however Dan is one of those exceptions. He is a wealth of knowledge and insight – from where to find the best maple wood suppliers to the introduction of Felder Machines. The list goes on. He always come through for me. I was actually really surprised that he stocks almost everything unlike most Festool dealers in the USA I visited or ordered from."”

Craig Fourie

“"It’s awesome that I’ve found a Festool dealer in Canada that I can rely on. I’ve found Dan to be very helpful when I deal with him, he’s typical of old school service, his knowledge of the products he sells is second to none. His post sale service is superb, he ships your order ASAP and returns your calls in very short order and doesn’t forget any special orders. His stock of consumable products is amazing, he obviously knows how important the small details can be as he uses the product himself. I run a production based business so I’m very aware of the importance of good service. In Dan at Ultimate Tools we’ve found a guy we can rely on do whatever it takes to keep us happy, it doesn’t get any better than that."”


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