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Wera Tools Metric Tool-Check Plus with Kneeling Pad comes with an ultra-comfortable large knee pad that provides protection during kneeling activities. The integrated compact tool set includes a ratchet, bits, sockets, and a bitholding screwdriver - ideal for tight spaces. It's perfect as a versatile companion for a multitude of screwdriving applications.

Wera Tools kneeling pad: comfort for a range of activities

The knee pad comes in handy when working on hard floors, offering a practical solution for enhanced comfort. Crafted from robust material with a delightful cushioning quality, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, enduring even adverse weather conditions. The material's memory foam ensures that it consistently returns to its original shape after use.

Designed with functionality in mind, this knee pad is waterproof, simplifying maintenance with easy cleaning using soap and water. Weighing just 265 grams and with an integrated handle, it strikes a perfect balance between lightweight portability and durable support for a wide range of activities.

Wera Tools Metric Tool-Check Plus includes a compact tool set for confined spaces 

The provided tool set includes a compact combination of a ratchet, bits, sockets, and a bitholding screwdriver, perfect for confined spaces. The premium bitholding screwdriver features a Kraftform Plus handle and a bit ratchet, allowing efficient work when using a machine or traditional hand tool is challenging due to limited space.

Quickly switch between clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation via the reversing lever, ensuring rapid and convenient operation.

The knurling on the ratchet head facilitates quick rotation, allowing for easy operation, even with only one hand.

Precise design for low-height applications with Wera Tools Tool-Check Plus

Ergonomic ratchet head/lever with Kraftform geometry, featuring optimally shaped contact surfaces for the fingers. The streamlined tool design achieved through direct bit mounting in the ratchet head is ideal for applications with low working heights.

The fine tooth mechanism, with its 60 teeth, allows a minimal return angle of just 6°, ensuring precision in work.

The drop-forged solid steel construction is designed to withstand torques exceeding 65 Nm.

Wera Tools Rapidaptor bitholding screwdriver for swift bit changes

The Rapidaptor bitholding screwdriver, featuring a rapid-rotating sleeve, serves as an extension, enabling lightning-fast bit changes for even the tiniest sizes with just one hand and no additional tools required.

The durable bits are designed for versatile use. Both hand and machine sockets cater to nearly all applications.

The pad will impress your knee, the tool will impress your hand - almost wellness.

Wera Tools Metric Tool-Check Plus with Kneeling Pad 9515 05134544001 scope of delivery 

  • 1x 9525 Foam knee pad, empty 480 x 280 x 25 mm
  • 1x Tool-Check PLUS, 39 pieces  05056490001
    • 1x 8001 A Bit Ratchet ¼" x 87 mm

    • 1x 813 Bitholding screwdriver 1/4" x 78 mm
    • 1x 889/4/1 K Rapidaptor Universal Bit Holder 1/4" x 50 mm
    • 1x 870/1 Adaptor 1/4" x 25 mm with friction ball for manual nut spinner sockets
    • 7x 8790 HMA Zyklop 1/4" socket 23 mm (5.5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13 mm)
    • 6x 851/1 TZ bits 25 mm (2x PH 1, 3x PH 2, 1x PH 3)
    • 5x 855/1 TH bits 25 mm (1x PZ 1, 3x PZ 2, 1x PZ 3)
    • 6x 867/1 TZ TORX bits 25 mm (TX 10, TX 15, TX 20, TX 25, TX 30, TX 40)
    • 5x 867/1 Z TORX BO bits with bore hole 25 mm (TX 10, TX 15, TX 20, TX 25, TX 30)
    • 5x 840/1 Z bits 25 mm (3, 4, 5, 6, 8 mm)
    • 1x 800/1 TZ bits 1 x 5.5 x 25 mm 

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