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3 sharpening jigs for woodturning tools, profiled leather wheels, Turning Tool Setter, case with custom insert, instruction.Front of Tormek TNT-808 Woodturner's Kit in retail packaging.
This tough rubber work mat provides a non-slip, vibration dampening, waterproof area for sharpening. Fits all Tormek models.
Tormek's SVD-186R Gouge jig grinding the bevel on a deep-flute bowl gouge for wood turning on a wet grinding wheel.
Tormek SVM-45 Knife jig sharpening a 3 inch steel knife on a wet grinding wheel.
The two-sided Stone Grader allows you to maintain the Tormek original grindstone and modify its abrasive action.
An operator uses the Tormek TT-50 to straighten and flatten the face of a Tormek wet grinding wheel using the side knobs.
Gray fabric machine cover for with blue and yellow Tormek logo.
The Angle Master has notches to check bevel of the tool edge, adjustment for wheel diameter, scale to set grinding angle.An operator uses the AngleMaster to check that the plane blade is being sharpened at 25 degrees on a 250mm diameter wheel.
The Multi Base has two rods to connect to a Tormek Machine and two holes to accept a Tormek Universal Support bar.This setup allows the sharpening jig to reach around the stone and sharpen on the outside face.
A bottle of Tormek's Anti-Corrosion Concentrate to be mixed with water to mitigate issues on diamond wheels and steel.
Tormek SVM-140 Long Knife jig sharpening a long, thin boning knife on a wet grinding wheel.
Tormek SVD-110 Tool Rest installed on the front-mounted accessory bar of a Tormek Power Sharpener, being used with wet wheel.
Tormek TTS-100 Turning Tool Setter Jig installed on steel jig guide bar against grinding wheel to set angle.
The square Tormek Rotating Base is formed to securely hold a Tormek Power Sharpening Machine.A simple and secure lock automatically engages and can be released with a finger to turn the machine 180 degrees.
Tormek's most versatile and long-lasting grindstone is capable of efficiently removing steel and provides a smooth surface.
The leather honing wheels have 3mm (1/8" radius) and 60-degree profiles for honing the insides of gouges and V-tools.
Yellow tube of Tormek honing compound for use on a leather strop.
The Horizontal Base has four mounting screws, two clamping knobs, and two bores to accept Tormek's Universal Support bar.
The Tormek Blackstone Silicon grinding stone can sharpen high speed steel (HSS), exotic steel alloys, tungsten carbide.

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