Ultimate Tools was started in the Fall of 2008 in my home workshop in Burnaby, BC. I had a vision to provide premium woodworking tools and machines to my fellow Canadians, giving them the opportunity to be creative in their shops with precision and efficiency.

Over the years we have gained the confidence of the Canadian market by providing the best products available and allowing our customers to confidently know that what they buy from our amazing team will provide them with the results they desire.

Today we focus on making sure we have the products, the parts, and the service you require to be efficient in what you want to create.

SIMPLY PUT: By giving our customer the ability to be precise, creative and efficient, we build a relationship and provide the confidence for you to be successful.

Drop by, order online or call us today at 1-866-971-9663 (local 604-291-9663). We are always happy to help.

Dan Clermont

CEO, Ultimate Tools