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Festool Limited Edition Installers SetFestool Limited Edition Installers Set
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Bessey GTR Series Quick Track Clamp ratchets for fast and powerful clamping that won't vibrate looseBessey GTR Series Quick Track Clamps fit Festool, Makita, and DeWalt track saw guide rails
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The package includes 6" 5mm stroke DEROS electric random orbit sander, Systainer, 2 boxes of Abranet Ace mesh abrasive.6" Mirka DEROS Sanders - Ultimate Tools
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Laguna Resaw KingBandsaw Blades for 1412/14BXLaguna Resaw KingBandsaw Blades for 1412/14BX
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Pair of Bessey One-Handed Clamps configured to slide into the T-slot of a guide rail or other extrusion.Detail view of a Bessey EZR clamp showing T-slot profile, cross grooves on clamping pads, 2" stepover attachment, trigger.
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The Rolair Airstak air compressor is built into a Tanos SYS4 T-Loc Systainer. Pressure gauges, controls, air inlet at front.The Rolair Airstak air compressor is built into a Tanos SYS4 T-Loc Systainer and integrates perfectly with other tools.
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Mirka DEROS 6” 5mm Stroke Abranet ACE Kit
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Mirka LEROS Drywall Sander/Dust Extractor Combo - Ultimate Tools
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Mirka DEROS 5” 5mm Orbit Kit with Dust ExtractorMirka DEROS 5” 5mm Orbit Kit with Dust Extractor
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Bessey GTR Series Track Clamp
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Mirka DEROS 6” 5mm Orbit Kit with Dust Extractor
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Includes 7 grits of Abranet, Abralon, 2 grits of Polarstar, foam and lambs wool polishing pads, and polishing compound.
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TSO Products TPG Flip Stop installed on a ghosted aluminum extruded stop against a sheet of plywood. Red and black lock knob.
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Ultimate Tools Festool T-Loc SystainersUltimate Tools Festool T-Loc Systainers
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The Mirka Kit includes 6"/5mm DEROS random orbit sander, HEPA dust extractor, hose, Abranet Ace ceramic abrasives, Systainer.
Mirka Mirka DEROS ACE 6” Kit
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The Mirka DEOS 3x5" Net Kit includes rectangular orbital sander with paddle switch and 3 boxes of Abranet mesh abrasive.

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