Ultimate Tools is Your Partner for Format-4 Machinery

We understand that when it comes to your production, speed and accuracy equal profit. Advanced design, technology and automation allow you to achieve more with less labour and fewer mistakes. Let us build you a custom machine designed to meet your business’ individual needs.

Solutions for Top Quality and Productivity

Format-4 makes powerful and precise machinery with features to maximize productivity, output quality, and service life.
Designed for Productivity
Digitized controls reduce user error so every operator can easily adjust each machine to the same settings. Heavy duty construction and powerful motors deliver speed and precision.
Every Feature Available
More than just machining, Format-4 machinery is also capable of installing anchors and glue, and applying labels to save labour while increasing quality and output.
Unbeatable Safety
Format-4’s PCS Stop System prevents accidental contact between your skin and the blade by pulling the blade under the table before a finger is cut. Getting the saw back to work is as simple as pressing a button.

Find Your Perfect Format-4 Machine

These uncompromising machines are powerful and precise, with loads of innovative features and options to suit your needs and budget.
Sliding Table Saws
These heavy duty workhorses feature maintenance-free Easy-Glide trunnions and X-Roll sliding tables. Saws have easy and precise scoring blade adjustments and dado blade capability..
Jointers and Planers
Conquer any grain with the Silent-Power helical cutterhead. Combination machines fit a jointer and planer into the space of one, and switching between the two is easy and space efficient.
Spindle Moulders
With heavy cast iron rear tables and optional sliding table, heavy duty fences and option to mount a power feeder, these shapers are up for any machining job.
These fully-featured machines contain everything to process edges in a fully-automated system that is also easy to set and adjust.
Wide Belt Sanders
Whether smoothing massive live-edge table tops or finely veneered panels, these wide belts deliver consistent and predictable results every time.
CNC Machining Centres
Choose from over a dozen models, starting at under 40 square feet, with all the features you need. Increase productivity and quality while saving labour.
Upgrade your machinery to automate your processes for maximum quality and productivity.
We understand that when it comes to your business, quality and efficiency is everything, and skilled labour can be hard to find. Let us build you a custom machine tailored to your individual needs that will maximize your output with the smallest skilled workforce.

Ultimate Tools is your Format-4 dealer for Western Canada. We not only sell the machines, we service them too so you can count on us for all your industrial needs. Looking for an upgrade? Contact us today for a customized solution.

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