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Fastcap Edge Break tool on white background showing clamping knob, top plate, and body.Fast Break with file installed set for a small chamfer, and resting on a piece of plywood with a neatly bevelled edge.
The clip expands to hold material up to 1-1/4 inches thick. Large polyurethane wheels make maneuvering easy.Heavy duty ball bearing polyurethane wheels roll easily, and an integral kickstand keeps the clip upright for loading.
Front view of Fastcap's Speed Skate showing large polyurethane wheels and V-shaped 1-3/4" wide carrying cradle.Perspective view of Fastcap's Speed Skate showing large polyurethane wheels and ball bearings.
Fastcap's Speed Dollie has a folding, adjustable height support, padded contact points, and four swivel wheels.A wide base cabinet is being carried by a Speed Dollie.
Side view of the Kaizen Foam Scraper showing plastic ergonomic handle and thin blade profile.The Kaizen Foam Scraper is being used to flatten the bottom of a cutout for a knife.
Front view of Fastcap's Magnetic 45 Degree Square on a white backdrop.The Magnetic Micro 45 degree Square attaches itself to a cast iron table saw so blade can be set to a 45 degree angle.
The Magnetic Micro Square attaches itself to a cast iron table saw top so the operator can easily adjust the blade square.
Side view of the flush side of Fastcap Macro Flush Cutters showing red coated handles, jaws design, and strong pivot.Fastcap Macro Flush Cut Trimmers in position to trim the end of an overhanging length of wood edge banding.
The Blue Dog Square is made of 3/16 inch thick aluminum and has five rotating dogs for registration on an edge.A dog inside the Blue Dog Square is rotated, provided registration against the edge of the material.
The Saw Hood Pro is mounted behind a compound mitre saw situated on a stand with extensions for use on a job site.The Saw Hood Pro is folded up and stored inside a black bag carried by a worker.
Side view of 1-1/4 and 3/4 inch Fastcap Kaizen Foam Spinners, made of red plastic.The 1-1/4 inch Kaizen Foam Spinner is installed in an impact driver, ready for use.

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