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Showing 1 - 24 of 28 products
Lamello Clamex P, Tenso P and Divario P, connectors and tools are organized neatly and labelled in a 3-drawer Systainer.Lamello Jubilee Professional P-System Connector Assortment in Systainer on bench
Lamello Rasto Duo Kit includes Systainer, drill bushings & bits, positioning bolts, spacer, connection rod, insertion bush.Lamello Rasto Duo jig Kit allows simple mirror-image drilling of holes in nearly any shape of material using locating pins.
Lamello Invis Mx2 Magnet-Driven Invisible Clamping Starter KitLamello MiniMag opens and closes Inis Mx2 connectors with magnetic force
Translucent plastic Lamello C-10 Solid Surface Biscuit
Lamello Tenso P-14 Self-Locking Connectors
Lamello Lamello Tenso Self-Locking Connectors P-14 1454**
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Translucent plastic Lamello C-20 Solid Surface BiscuitA solid surface butt joint with Lamello C-20 plastic biscuit for alignment

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