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Fastcap Track Rack for Guide Rails TRACKRACKFastcap Track Rack for Guide Rails TRACKRACK
The Kaizen Foam Hot Knife has a round brass tip with rounded edges and a stand.Tap down on rough areas of Kaizen foam using the Kaizen Foam Hot Knife to smooth the area, or press down to cut finger grips.
Fastcap Knife for Kaizen Foam KAIZENKNIFEFastcap Knife for Kaizen Foam KAIZENKNIFE
Side view of the Kaizen Foam Scraper showing plastic ergonomic handle and thin blade profile.The Kaizen Foam Scraper is being used to flatten the bottom of a cutout for a knife.
Ultimate Tools 10 Million Dollar Stick
Ultimate Tools 11th FingerUltimate Tools 11th Finger
FastCap Quad Trimmer RedFastcap Quad Trimmers Q*****
Fastcap Fastcap Quad Trimmers Q*****
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Fastcap Macro Flush Cut Trimmers PLIERS-FLUSH CUTFastcap Macro Flush Cut Trimmers in position to trim the end of an overhanging length of wood edge banding.

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