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Pair of Bessey One-Handed Clamps configured to slide into the T-slot of a guide rail or other extrusion.Detail view of a Bessey EZR clamp showing T-slot profile, cross grooves on clamping pads, 2" stepover attachment, trigger.
Bessey 1000 Pound TG-Series F-ClampBessey 1000 Pound TG-Series F-Clamp
Bessey Tools FS 1400/2-LR 32
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Bessey 23-Foot Strap ClampBessey 23-Foot Strap Clamp gluing picture frame assembly
Bessey KP Block SetBessey KP Block Set with K Body REVOlution Clamps clamping mitred frame
Bessey Auto-Adjust Corner ClampBessey Auto-Adjust Corner Clamp window frame
Bessey 12-Foot Strap ClampBessey 12-Foot Strap Clamp holding drawer together for fastening

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