Ultimate Tools is Your Partner for Mayer Machinery

We understand that when it comes to your production, speed and accuracy equal profit. Mayer’s beam saws are designed to quickly and accurately cut sheet goods to size.

Efficient and High Precision Cutting of Wood, Aluminum, and Plastics

Format-4 makes powerful and precise machinery with features to maximize productivity, output quality, and service life.
Quality and Reliability First
State-of-the-art machine design coupled with heavy-duty construction and precision components ensure each saw represents the highest definition of “Made in Germany.”
Flawless Cuts Every Time
Whether cutting wood, aluminum or plastic, there’s a Mayer setup that will deliver perfect results every time.
Material Handling Built-In
For a fully-automated storage system, Mayer saws equipped with vacuum lifter can pick and load the correct materials for the job without a scratch.

Find the Right Mayer Saw for Your Shop

Panel Saws for Woodworking
Four models of Kappa Automatic saws provide the power, precision, speed and flexibility for production panel cutting.
Panel Saws for Non-Ferrous Metals & Plastics
The four models in Mayer’s Advanced Line are built specifically for precision cutting of non-ferrous metals, including aluminum, and plastics.
Automate your processing of sheet goods for maximum accuracy and productivity.
We understand that when it comes to your business, quality and efficiency is everything, and skilled labour can be hard to find. Let us build you a custom machine tailored to your individual needs that will maximize your output with the smallest skilled workforce.

Ultimate Tools is your Mayer dealer for Western Canada. We not only sell the machines, we service them too so you can count on us for all your industrial needs. Looking for an upgrade? Contact us today for a customized solution.

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