Ultimate Tools is Your Partner for Hammer Machinery

Not every commercial woodworking shop is in a big open space with shifts of workers and automated CNC equipment, but capable and reliable machinery is still every bit as important.

Professional machinery for every shop

Hammer machinery is space efficient, mobile, and includes features and accessories borrowed from the Felder line.
A Machine for Every Application
Hammer’s comprehensive line covers every function from cutting and CNC milling to surfacing and sanding.
Space Efficient and Mobile
Stand-alone and combination machines justify their space in the workshop, and mobility kits make it simple to rearrange the shop as needed for big projects.
Remarkable Value in Quality Machinery
High quality construction from top to bottom results in smooth operating, reliable machinery that will translate directly into the quality of your work.

Find a Hammer that hits the mark

Ultimate Tools is your source for Hammer machinery to elevate your woodworking to the next level. These machines are robust and powerful with the features you need.
Sliding Table Saws
With an incredible range in sizes, Hammer sliding table saws offer tremendous capacity and features that any woodworker will appreciate, whether working with sheet goods or slabs.
Planers and Jointers
Heavy construction, cast iron tables, and extensions make handling large material effortless. Their best-selling A3-31 joints and surface planes material up to 12 inches wide.
Spindle Moulders
With a heavy cast iron rear table, sliding front table, heavy duty fence and option to mount a power feeder, Hammer’s shaper is up for any machining job. Quick-change interchangeable spindles and rear-tilt adjustment increase the machine’s capabilities.
Combination Machines
Combination machines fit a jointer and planer into the space of one, or a table saw, shaper, jointer, planer, and slot mortising machine into the footprint of a sliding table saw with no sacrifice in performance. Conversion between modes is quick and easy.
Oscillating Edge Sander
Versatility at its finest, Hammer’s belt sander tilts 0-90 degrees and the open ended design allows sanding of workpieces longer than the belt.
Robust and powerful bandsaws for demanding resawing and shaping with large cast iron tables and high/low fence for optimal support.
Upgrade your machinery to boost your production levels and quality.
We understand that when it comes to your woodwork, quality and performance is everything. Let us find the perfect machine for you.

Ultimate Tools is your Hammer dealer for Western Canada. We not only sell the machines, but we also service them too so you can count on us for all your industrial needs. Time for an upgrade? Contact us today to get the right tools into your shop.

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