Festool Spring Launch - March 15

Announcing: The Festool Spring Launch! We’re excited to share that new and limited-edition products from Festool are now available for pre-order until March 15. Here’s what you can look forward to this season.

New Products

PLANEX LHS 2-M Drywall Sander

An absolute workhorse for sanding walls and ceilings, the PLANEX is well-priced, versatile, and easy to use. It uses random orbit motion and a GRANAT abrasive for a refined sanding pattern that achieves a high-quality, smooth, and uniform surface. 

Measuring 55” (1.4 m), the PLANEX is the ideal length for standard room heights; plus, it has a comfortable and ergonomic T-handle that provides great reach and control. Adjustable suction power means that the PLANEX can hold its own weight, reducing strain on the arms and back while sanding walls and ceilings. Use it with a dust extractor for virtually dust-free sanding. The PLANEX is also highly portable and comes with a durable bag for ease of carrying. 

FS 1400/2-KP Guide Rail Starter Set

This guide rail starter set is the ideal track saw accessory and offers excellent value. It contains everything you need to get straight and precise cuts for almost any application, right from the start: two guide rails with adhesive pads and connecting pieces, two screw clamps, and a handy bag for convenient and organized storage and transportation. 

Use the guide rails alone or connected, self-gripping or clamped. They’re compatible with all Festool track saws and routers, as well as many other Festool accessories for maximum versatility. Get great results for horizontal work on floors and work surfaces, as well as wall applications. 

FS-BAG 1900 and FS-BAG 3000 Guide Rail Bags

Maximize the lifespan of your guide rails by protecting them from debris and damage. These guide rail bags provide the perfect solution, plus easy and efficient storage and transportation. Made from fabric that is designed to be especially robust, they’re double-padded, with protective corners. 

A large main compartment can house one or two guide rails up to 118“ (3000 mm) long, while another pocket provides space for accessories such as connectors or screw clamps. A shoulder strap enables hassle-free and convenient carrying. 

Limited Edition

Limited-Edition Sander and NET Abrasive Combo Kits

These sander and abrasive kits offer a powerful combination: smooth performance and outstanding results. The low-profile random orbit sanders are easy to operate and cleverly and ergonomically designed: an integrated sanding pad brake offers controlled starts and stops, while active electronic vibration control reduces fatigue. Each one is coupled with high-performance GRANAT NET abrasives, which have excellent dust extraction and are especially suited to high rates of stock removal.

Look forward to high-quality, consistent surface results with the least dust—and better finishes, time after time. (Pair with any Festool-triggered dust extractor for the ultimate in dust capture and filtration.) An abrasive Systainer that latches onto the sander’s Systainer will keep everything organized and efficient during storage and transport. Each kit comes with a protection pad and 100 pieces of tear-resistant GRANAT NET abrasives (20 of each P80, P100, P120, P180, and P240).

These kits are great for anyone looking to expand their tool portfolio, or anyone who’s just getting started with brushless sanders and GRANAT NET abrasives. Why buy a sander, Systainer, and a whole box of abrasives separately when you can take advantage of these great value sets?

ETS EC 125 Sander + NET Abrasive Combo Kit

A consistent customer favourite because of its size and controllability, the ETS EC 125 is a 5" random orbit sander with a 3-millimetre (1/8") stroke. This is a perfect tool for most sanding tasks, especially on narrow surfaces and edges. 

ETS EC 150 Sander + NET Abrasive Combo Kit

Ideally suited for large surfaces, the ETS EC 150 is a 6" random orbit sander with a 3-millimetre (1/8") stroke. Durable and powerful, it provides a larger pad and sanding area for covering larger surfaces in less time than 5" sanders.

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