Unlock Precision and Efficiency with Track Saws: a Cutting-Edge Solution for Woodworking

In the ever-evolving world of woodworking and manufacturing, staying ahead of the curve requires innovative tools that enhance precision, efficiency, and safety. One such game-changer is the track saw.

At Ultimate Tools we carry a wide range of track saws from German manufacturers Festool and Mafell. Each saw is designed to produce exceptional cuts.

Unlike standard circular saws, track saws are designed to run on special aluminum tracks which allow the saws to slide effortlessly, resulting in perfectly straight cuts at a steady feed rate for consistent results.

Crosscut Saw

Plunge Saw

Scoring Saw

Large saw

Chain Saw

Crosscut Saws

Plunge Saws

Scoring Saws

Large Saws

Chain Saw

For speed & accuracy

For clean cuts


For clean cuts



For cuts over 3" deep



For 260 mm deep cuts


Exploring Track Saws:

Festool's TS 55 Plunge saw is a great place to start, offering an ideal balance of size, weight and capability. It makes chip-free cuts on both sides of the cut thanks to the splinterguard strip on the guide rail, and the splinterguard attached to the saw on the right side of the blade.

Crosscut saws trade the on-board splinterguard for the ability to clip the saw onto a short guide rail, allowing quick and repeatable cuts with only one hand.

New to the market are Scoring saws which feature a small counter-rotating blade ahead of the main blade for perfectly clean cuts in any material (normally the domain of stationary panel saws).

Track Saw cutting wood

Essential Track Saw Accessories:

The right accessories ensure accuracy, deliver repeatability, and make clean cuts in a wide variety of wood, plastic, metal, and abrasive materials.

We carry a great selection of accessories from track saw manufacturers Festool and Mafell, as well as third party manufacturers such as Amana Tool, Bessey Tool, CMT, TSO Products, Woodpeckers, FastCap and more.

Clamps Stops and Squares  Guide Rails Saw Blade Cutting Table
Clamps Stops & Squares Guide Rails Saw Blades Cutting Tables

Can a Track Saw Replace a Table Saw?

This is a commonly asked question, and the answer is yes, with an asterisk.

A few distinct benefits of a track saw over a table saw are:

  • Portability - easy to store and transport
  • Cost - less than a comparable table saw
  • Versatility - variable speed is ideal for plastics and metals
  • Safety - less likely to cause injury

A table saw still has benefits including the ability to easily make small cuts, and speed processing large amounts of materials. Depending on how you work, where you work, and what you do, you may find that a track saw is all you need.

Track saw cutting wood

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