Get the Most Out of Your Festool MFT Table!

Festool's Multi-Function Table is a versatile work surface perfect for all kinds of work, and portable too! But as supplied from Festool, only some of it's functionality is available. Adding the right accessories will increase it's capabilities and efficiency. We carry many of them, such as the essential Clamping Elements, extra Flip Stops, Dogs, Clamps and more.

Other accessories are shop-built. The Festool Owner's Group is an excellent resource for Festool users, and we've highlighted some of our favourite MFT accessories.

1. Dog, clamp and hand tool storage rack

2. Track saw shelf

#3 - Shop cart for folded MFT provides tons of room for storage

#4 - Rolling cart that fits under the MFT is another option

#5 - Adding 1/4-20 T-bolts to attach a modified Domino container to the MFT rail

Looking for more ways to optimize your MFT? Check out our collection of Multifunction Tables & Accessories containing products from brands like Festool, TSO Products, Woodpeckers and Bessey Tool!

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