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Whether you want the benefits of CNC machining without a steep learning curve or technician to set up and operate it, need the capabilities of a half-sheet CNC but can't dedicate the space for one, or work on site and need to bring all your tools with you, SmartBench V1.3 Mini PrecisionPro by Yeti Tool is the solution.

High accuracy

Accuracy for finished parts starts at +/- 0.5 millimetres, and tolerances of +/- 0.25 millimetres are achievable. High quality construction with aluminum tooling plate and custom extrusions provides the necessary rigidity for accurate machining.

The adjustable-height X axis sits right on the workpiece, supported by adjustable rollers. This unique design of SmartBench makes it more efficient in its application of force and reduces the leverage that the cutter has on the machine (typical of a gantry-type CNC) for better accuracy. A pair of lead screws control the Z axis to provide extra rigidity.

Quality and reliability

SmartBench was built to deliver reliable and repeatable performance and is perfect for production work. In fact, two SmartBenches are employed in the SmartBench production line, working 9 hours a day and 5 days a week. Each machine is assembled, calibrated, thoroughly checked by a multi-point quality control procedure, then tested for 6 hours before leaving Yeti's factory in the UK.

Cut most materials

Use SmartBench to machine all wood products including hardwoods, softwoods, particleboard, plywood, MDF, OSB; composite and plastic materials such as Dibond, fibreglass, polycarbonate and acrylic; and non ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass and copper.

Laser X/Y datum

Laser crosshairs identify the exact placement of the cutter over the workpiece, making it simple and accurate to align and set the start point of a job regardless of what bit is installed.

Z probe

The special plate allows fast, easy and accurate setting of the depth of cut (Z axis) using built-in software.

Built-in dust extraction hose and port

Paired with a suitable dust extractor, the SmartBench extracts dust at the source for clean, dust-free operation. The hose extends from underneath the bench and travels up and down the Y axis with the spindle assembly, so an overhead boom arm is not necessary to keep the hose tangle-free and out of the way.

SmartBench can automatically switch on and off a dust extractor that draws up to 1,000 watts.

7" touch screen console with Shapecutter app

The CNC is set up and controlled with the simple and intuitive touch screen interface and includes the Shapecutter app which allows you to cut 10 different geometry types.

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Wi-Fi or USB file transfer

Designs too complex to program with Shapecutter can be created in a CAD program such as Vectric, and transferred to SmartBench by 2.4GHz Wi-Fi or USB.

Rapid deployment or storage

SmartBench can be set up or packed away by a single person in three minutes. Height-adjustable feet accommodate uneven surfaces. Even initial installation is simple, requiring only five minutes after unpacking.

The machine breaks down into small subassemblies. Components are made from aluminum tool plate and custom extrusions that provide the necessary rigidity while reducing weight so one person can move the disassembled machine.

Auto Tool Stop

If the machine senses that the spindles is in constant overload, the machine stops automatically to prevent damage.

Built-in safety

SmartBench features an emergency E Stop button to stop the machine instantly, interrupt bars along the X axis, a cut-out switch on the cutter door, and internal fuses.


With the CNC Stylus accessory, SmartBench is more than just a router. Use it to produce drawings and artwork or make precise layouts with pen, pencil marker or other drawing tools, or use the knife blade attachment to cut out shapes in film, vinyl, paper, card stock, fabric and other similar materials.

First class customer support

As your local dealer, we at Ultimate Tools can provide full technical support. You can also submit support tickets directly to Yeti Tool and they respond to all issues within 24 hours including a phone or video call if warranted. Support is available even after the machine is out of warranty.


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Scope of delivery

  • SmartBench V1.3 Mini PrecisionPro CNC
  • SC1 spindle (made in Germany)
  • 1/4 inch ER16 collet
  • 8 millimetre ER16 collet
  • 12 month warranty on parts and labour (excluding wearable parts)

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