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Introducing the Wera Tools Kneeling Pad, your ultimate companion for comfort and convenience during any kneeling task. Crafted with your comfort in mind, this knee pad features robust construction and thick cushioning, ensuring your knees are well-protected even on the toughest surfaces.

Ultimate Comfort and Durability: Wera Tools Knee Pad Is Perfect for All Activities

Designed for optimal ergonomics and distribution of pressure, even after extended periods of use, this knee pad prioritizes your comfort and efficiency. Its large size provides ample coverage, making it ideal for various kneeling activities, while its durable material ensures suitability for both indoor and outdoor use, regardless of weather conditions.

With premium foam set at an optimal height, this pad springs back to shape after each use, maintaining its supportive properties over time. Whether you're tackling kitchen chores, enjoying downtime at the pub, or engaged in intense workshop projects, this pad delivers the support you need.

With Wera Tools' Built-in Bottle Opener You Can Stay Fresh and Handy Anywhere

Thanks to its waterproof design, maintenance is a breeze - simply clean with soap and water to keep it looking and feeling fresh. Plus, with the integrated handle, transporting this pad is effortless, allowing you to take comfort wherever you go.

But that's not all! The Wera Tools Kneeling Pad comes equipped with a unique feature: a Wera bottle opener with an original Kraftform handle. Say goodbye to parched throats and hello to effortless refreshment, whether you're enjoying a cold beverage or tackling your next screwdriving task.

With this pad, your knees and your hands are in for a treat!

Wera Tools 9516 Kneeling Pad + Botlle Opener 05134545001 scope of delivery:

  • 1x Bottle opener 148
  • 1x 9526 Foam knee pad, empty: 480 x 280 x 25 mm

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