Festool Power Tools: The Go-To Line for Pros, DIY’ers and everyone in-between…

Get to know Festool Power Tools

You don’t need to look too hard to garner a solid understanding of just how deep the fanbase for German-engineered Festool power tools runs. Those in the woodworking industry turn to the Festool line of track saws, jigsaws, sanders, routers, dust extractors and more again and again—and for good reason: they are thoughtfully designed for accuracy, ease of use and durability. 

At Ultimate Tools we are proud to stock a massive selection of Festool products, and have an incredible depth of experience and hands-on knowledge to share with customers looking to get to know this brand. 

Lightweight drill sets that pack a punch

We're sharing a  few examples of some of our most sought-after Festool brand tools below, starting with the ultra-compact and lightweight Festool Cordless C-Handle Drill Set (CXS 2.6)

Festool Cordless C-Handle Drill Set (CXS 2.6)

Ergonomic, lightweight and ready to tackle any project, this lightweight cordless drill with power and versatility can handle most drilling and fastening needs. This makes it suitable for a range of jobs, and a popular choice for cabinetmakers, installers, furniture makers, DIY'ers and homeowners.

Top-notch track saw

If you are on the hunt for an upgrade when it comes to a track saw or alternative to a table saw, the Festool Track Saw 160mm TS 55 is one to consider, and another popular product we carry.  This track saw produces high-quality cuts that rival the most advanced stationary mitre saws or sliding table saws and feature a concentrated torque to allow you to cut twice as fast as with a normal saw.

Festool Track Saw 160mm TS 55

A retractable riving knife reduces the chance for kickback thanks to the revolutionary KickbackStop safety feature, and you can keep your workspace dust-free by hooking up the TS 55 REQ to the wire-framed dust bag or extractor (available separately).

Keep dust under control

Speaking of keeping things mess-free, we’re big fans of the Festool 26 Litre Cleantec HEPA Dust Extractor. This ergonomically designed, portable dust extractor is the perfect add to your workshop.

Festool 26 Litre Cleantec HEPA Dust Extractor

It’s built to work with all Festool power tools, features a variable suction power, built-in Bluetooth connectivity for auto-start with cordless and corded tools, and features thermal protection for the motor to prevent overheating (protecting your investment).  

A joiner system for any job

The Festool Domino Joiner DF 500 is yet another sought-after Festool brand tool, thanks to its revolutionary cutting method, adjustable mortise sizing and simple indexing features: flawless mortises can be made every time. Joining used to be a cumbersome and slow-going task, but this Festool joiner system expedites the process through an easy-to-use tool that’s super solid and easy to rotate—adapting to any job. 

Festool Domino Joiner DF 500

Be sure to check out our entire line of Festool Tools on our website and connect with the Ultimate Tools team. We’re here to help



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