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Who doesn’t love a solid selection of stainless steel tools? Over at Ultimate Tools, we’re big fans of the stainless steel hand tools made by Wera Tools, thanks to their overall durability and strength that get the job done.

Wera Tools Stainless Steel Screwdriver

Wera Tools products feature a unique vacuum ice-hardening process that gives the tools the necessary degree of hardness needed in industrial applications, resulting in super tough tools made from stainless steel and intended for stainless steel applications.

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Jobs that Wera stainless tools are ideal for?

We carry a wide range of Wera tools that are the perfect fit for all sorts of situations.  Think appliance-related work for dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, ranges and more. 

They’re also great to use for many outdoor projects (gates, deck space, fencing) or machinery in need of a tune-up (trailers, boats & other watercraft).  Thanks to the fact that they are rust resistant, Wera tools can stand up to a lot of corrosive element and particles that wreak havoc.

How do Wera tools stand up to rust?

Stainless steel tools not only look good, but they are made of natural properties that work to keep rust at bay… for the most part.

Issues arise when you combine working with stainless steel AND regular old conventional carbon steel tools. Think: using a shiny new stainless steel screwdriver to tackle an old project requiring removal of rusty fixings or fasteners—you end up with tiny steel particles and residue on driver tips, or in the screw head and extraneous rust as a result.  Not good news for your brand new driver, is it?

Example of rusted versus rust resistant screws

What’s the Wera solution?

Screw stainless steel together with stainless steel!

Wera makes a range of stainless steel tools that are made out of stainless steel to keep things rust-free and ready for everyday use for years to come!  Thanks to the fact that they are vacuum ice-hardened for increased strength even Thor would envy—there are no limitations to how you can use them, or jobs they are suited for.

What else?

Wera stainless steel screwdrivers and tools feature an easily recognized ice-blue design element to help differentiate them in your toolbox, and the drivers utilize elements of the Kraftform Plus series as part of their design, (multi-component handle, Lasertip, non-roll feature and handle ID).

If you’ve got more questions for our Ultimate Tools team about which Wera stainless steel tool is right for your next job, or have questions about avoiding rust, feel free to contact us today! 

Learn more about Wera tools full range of stainless steel tools we recommend and check out what’s in-store here.

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