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Did you know we are Western Canada’s official Felder dealer? Felder machinery is designed to tackle super tough jobs at an industrial level. The premium-level industrial machinery from this 65 year-old Austrian company is available from Ultimate Tools AND can be customized to fit your work.

Felder Combination Machine

More than just a machine: Felder products are extremely reliable, providing precision and power that can handle everyday operation for industrial-sized jobs thanks to innovative design features, exceptional build quality, and options to make the machine perfect for you. 

Why Felder?

For starters, Felder machines really are made for makers by makers–with every machine designed with the ultimate end-use in mind. They feature a range of machines that are both affordable, space-efficient and loaded with quality design features that professionals need.

Need more convincing? Have a look at how Felder can be customized to fit both your shop... and your budget

We carry heavy duty workhorses such as the Felder Sliding Table Saws, as well as Planers and Jointers that allow you to conquer any grain with ease.


We've also got heavy duty Spindle Moulders.

These machines have features to reduce tooling costs and deliver consistent results for years. Felder’s shapers feature heavy case iron tables and an optional sliding table, heavy duty fences and the option to mount a power feeder. In other words, these shapers are up for any milling job.

If you're looking for the ultimate performance but tight on space, you need to know about Felder’s range of Combination Machines. Ideal for smaller workshops, these space savers get up to 5 machines in the space of one with no sacrifice in performance. 

Other Industrial-ready Felder's we can help you out with are:

  • Edgebanders
  • Wide Belt Sanders
  • Bandsaws
  • Dust Extractors

We're your Felder go-to!

Ultimate Tools is your Felder dealer for Western Canada. Not only do we sell the machines, but we service them too. We're also here for you if you're on the hunt for an upgrade, or looking for a customized solution. 

Let's get to work. Connect with our team today.

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