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In celebration of Earth Day, we're highlighting ways we can help you renew and restore instead of replace.

Ultimate Tools ensures that many of our products are not only premium quality and made to outlast the consumer-grade products, but we help customers repair existing equipment to prolong their service life—reducing the need to replace.

We've rounded up a few other ways we can help ensure we're all able to reuse, reduce, not replace when tackling projects. 

Avoid Toxic Finishes 

Today, there are many environmentally-friendly finishes that don't compromise on performance. The products from Odie's Oil are one example. These commercial grade finishes are free from toxic chemicals, solvents, catalysts, VOC's, hardeners and allergens. 

Odie's Oil

This  kid-safe and food safe, solvent free, non-toxic wood finish and wood stabilizer is easy to use PLUS its waterproof and leaves a lustrous sheen in one coat. You can safely apply it on leather, concrete, plastic, vinyl and metal.

Use Energy Responsibly

Features like auto-start and variable speed on dust extractors, and electronic clutches on drills use only as much electricity as needed, reducing energy waste and noise.

We help set up woodworkers with smart dust extractors that feature auto-start, remote operation and variable speed, as well as electronic clutches on drills. With these features, tools only use as much electricity as needed, reducing energy waste and noise.

Good Grilling

Responsible energy consumption at the grill is also important. Through the integration of new technology (think: adaptive control system with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity), it's easier than ever to consume less energy by effectively controlling temperatures. One thing that's not reduced is flavour!

Yoder Smoker YS480S

Check out how Yoder Smokers YS480 800 Square Inch Pellet Grill with Adaptive Control System keeps it green and does just this to deliver a great grilling experience.  

Cut Clean & Reduce Waste

Thin kerf blades produce less waste, consume less power and allow for faster cutting too. Check out Festool's new cordless track saw which proves that perfect cuts are still possible with thin blades.

Festool Cordless Track Saw

We also stock quality cutters and abrasives that last longer and cut more efficiently, resulting in less waste and a more efficient use of energy. Our circular saw blades have large carbide teeth that can be resharpened at least three times before needing to be replaced.

Don't Replace...Repair!

We're pros when it comes to helping customers repair their equipment to prolong their service life—helping reduce the need to replace. 

Festool Repair

Some customers are still using tools that they bought from us over 10 years ago! So contact us to learn more about how we can help you enjoy your tools for years to come with our repair service.  That's something we can all feel good about on Earth Day, and everyday.  

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