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Made in the USA, with designs guided by industry professionals, TSO features products that are perfectly aligned with the needs of customers specific projects, and Ultimate Tools is proud to carry a range of them. 

Why should you learn to love TSO Products? 

Well, they provide innovative solutions to ensure your job gets done quickly and safely every time, and they really listen to what customers have to say—incorporating design suggestions into product updates that solve the problem. Integrity is at the core of what TSO does, and we can attest to that at Ultimate Tools in the service we receive and are able to pass along to our own customers.

TSO Products raises the bar when it comes to values, and prides itself with offering best-in-class, heirloom quality tools for the woodworker. 

TSO products we’re excited about right now…

Guide Rail Square and Precision Triangles. 

GRS-16 Guardrail

The original Guide Rail Square (GRS-16) is a patented, one-piece design that needs zero calibration—it just slides into the guide rail, where you can clamp it down to create a custom draw latch.  It’s engineered for maximum accuracy and ease of use, the GRS-16 (and GRS-16 PE) are precision CNC machined from aluminium and then anodized for a non-marring, high durability finish.  The draw latch is made from stainless steel for extra resistance to rust. 

Precision Triangles. 

Precision Triangle

More than just woodworking triangles, the Precision Triangle (MTR-18, PTR-18 and MTR-X) bring a fresh, modern design approach that get you better woodworking results thanks to CNC machined accuracy and consistency.  MTR-X Precision Triangle KitMade of thick precision aluminium tooling plate, these versatile triangles are designed to offer a variety of different attachment methods, and can even be connected directly to the track saw guide rails for accurate, fast angle cuts. 

Integrity is at the core of what they do. At Ultimate Tools, we can attest to that in the service we received, and are able to pass on to valued customers. 

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