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We rounded up a few of our favourite projects featuring Yeti Tools SmartBench

We love it when customers share their best work with us, and especially when they show their love for the versatile YetiTool SmartBench that helped make it happen.

The SmartBench is a newer entry to the CNC world and has been a sort of a positive disruptor to many of us, as it’s really and truly handed the reigns of project creativity and control to back to customers AND manage life timelines. 

Such was the case for SmartBench-owner, Raymond Comer who remarked that, "As I get more comfortable with the software I'm discovering more of the capabilities of the SmartBench. I like the console facility very much; it's intuitive and simple to navigate for someone like me who is new to CNC. To have the ability to cut a full sheet of material without having to spend out on a full bed machine was a massive plus point for me."

Ray Comer's Yeti SmartBench setup

Radiator cover by Ray Comer, made with Yeti Tools SmartBench

Instagram: @ray.comer

YetiTools SmartBench goes well-beyond the Jurassic…

Now for another SmartBench customer who’s project truly takes things to another level, a prehistoric one at that…

dinosaur model on Yeti SmartBench CNC router

The project itself involved an intricate cutout design to carefully craft a realistic dinosaur. Jaimy says he enjoyed the fact that the SmartBench “Can handle full sheets and is really accurate and easy to store. The controls are simple and easy to use, a lot easier than some of the other machines where you need an engineering degree to get them even moving."

dinosaur parts from sheet of plywood

Having had experience using smaller CNC machines, Jaimy saw the potential in a large format solution offered by SmartBench.  He used the adaptive nature of YetiTool SmartBench to rig his own solution for this special project and got his SmartBench up and out of the way when it wasn’t in use, definitely a first that goes to show how adaptable this CNC machine truly is!

Yeti Tools SmartBench hoisted to ceiling when not in use

Instagram: @zeeuwszaagsel


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Next, we want to highlight the work the YetiTool SmartBench has helped Kaptivate AS accomplish.

The Norwegian six-member team at Kaptivate AS creates bespoke decor and profiling for film and stage production. SmartBench has allowed them to take on projects they would have otherwise have had to say no to, or have had to outsource from other suppliers which would increase overall project cost. The SmartBench opened up "a whole new world" of what they are able to design for their clients—no project is too out-of-reach, thanks to the user friendly interface that has helped make CNC accessible. 


Instagram: @kaptivate_AS

YetiTool SmartBench is truly a multi-faceted and adaptive machine woodworkers everywhere around the globe have gotten behind—regardless of their customer-base or need. 

We wanted to highlight how Weiss Woodworks has integrated the use of SmartBench into their projects: utilizing the SmartBench for flattening slabs and making prototypes for testing. As well as occasionally cutting furniture parts.

table by weisswoodworks

After trialling working solo in his shop and coming across limitations Aaron Weiss began to search for a helping hand and this is how he found SmartBench to help him expand his services and project capabilities. "SmartBench has helped my business to become more creative and diverse. I love that it didn't have a steep learning curve and that I can personally fix things that I've wrecked within a matter of minutes."

Instagram: @Weisswoodworks

The YetiTool SmartBench brings all the benefits to any projects creativity and budget.

The ability of the SmartBench to help complete more jobs, cut materials more efficiently AND reduce waste coupled with an easy learning-curve for new users makes this a great solve.

Learn more about YetiTool SmartBench on our website here.

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