Spotlight On Festool's New Cordless Table Saw - The CSC SYS 50

Spotlight On Festool's Brand New Cordless Table Saw - The CSC SYS 50

Festool's brand new CSC SYS 50 is the precision tablesaw that fits in a Systainer! This cordless saw is loaded with convenient features and precision you'd expect from a large stationary panel saw. Only this saw is compact and so portable, you can carry it with one hand!

Digital blade settings

Blade height, angle, and RPM settings are digitally adjustable and controlled with servo motors for precision cuts. Adjustments are fast, precise, and intuitive. The colour display screen provides clear readings, and units can be switched between imperial and metric. Customizable presets let you quickly adjust the saw to common settings.

This setup is something that you'd normally find on large, stationary panel saws built for production work.

The Festool CSC SYS cordless table saw features digital blade controls

Smooth sliding crosscut table

The Festool CSC SYS 50 features a beautifully smooth sliding table with mitre gauge that allows panels to be crosscut up to 450 millimetres (17-3/4 inches) wide.

The Festool CSC SYS cordless table saw features a sliding table to crosscut wide material

CSC SYS 50 mitre gauge slot and clamp slot

The mitre gauge is adjustable from +70 to -70 degrees and saves a lot of head scratching for acute angles. The sliding aluminum fence provides optimal support where it's needed. To facilitate accurate clamps, the sliding table features a second slot for a clamp to hold the workpiece securely in place for the cut.

The Festool CSC SYS cordless table saw mitre gauge adjusts to +/- 70 degrees

Sturdy and adjustable high/low rip fence

The 2-position rip fence can be slid forwards or backwards, and the low profile mode allows cuts closer to the blade without removing the guard. The robust fence locks solidly, and is adjustable up to 280 millimetres (11 inches).

Making a wide rip cut with the Festool CSC SYS cordless table saw

Mobility and outfeed support

The accessory cart not only makes moving the saw easy, it provides two convenient work heights and support for long stock. The CSC SYS 50 table saw feet engage with recesses in the surface of the cart so it won't slide, and can be positioned in multiple directions.

Festool CSC SYS cordless table saw on mobile stand

Power and capacity

Powered b a powerful and long-lasting EC-TEC brushless motor, the Festool CSC SYS 50 table saw is capable of serious cutting. Cut material up to 48 millimetres (1-7/8 inches) thick with the blade at 0 degrees. With the blade tilted to 45 degrees, the saw cuts up to 34 millimetres (1-11/32 inches).

Cutting a thick piece of solid wood with Festool CSC SYS cordless table saw

-10 to 47 degree tablesaw blade tilt

Here's a unique feature. The saw blade tilts from 47 degrees right to 10 degrees left. It's perfect for back-cutting filler strips, scribing, or cutting dovetails. And with digital controls, setting it to 45 degrees, 22.5, or 0 degrees is simple.

Making a cut with blade tilted on Festool CSC SYS cordless table saw

Quick-change riving knife - no excuses for safety

Change between the low-profile riving knife or unobtrusive blade guard in seconds. With the Festool CSC SYS 50, there's no excuse not to use a splitter.

Changing low profile riving knife on Festool CSC SYS cordless table saw

Built-in accessory storage

All the tablesaw accessories store in the underside of the hood that covers and protects the saw when not in use, and allows the saw to stack with other Systainer toolboxes. Indicators with a P indicate the correct positioning and orientation for "parking".

Bag or dust extractor for dust-free work

Dust extraction is excellent with the included dust bag or D 27 millimetre hose. You can also install the Angle Adapter from a track saw to connect a D 36 hose.

Powerful brushless motor is powered by two 18 volt batteries

The powerful brushless EC-TEC motor is powered by two 18 volt Festool batteries (4.0 Ah and up).

D 27 mm dust collection hose attached to Festool CSC SYS 50

Lightweight and portable table saw that goes anywhere

The CSC SYS 50 weights only 45 pounds, and the Systainer hood allows it to integrate with the rest of your stack. It's so light and compact that you can comfortably carry it with just one hand. Or move it, and other Systainers, effortlessly with the mobile stand.

Compact Festool CSC SYS 50 is simple to transport

Festool's CSC SYS 50 cordless tablesaw is available in four packages


 CSC SYS 50 Table Saw

UG-CSC-SYS Underframe 5.0 Ah Energy Set
Basic X

Basic Set





Festool CSC SYS 50 with Energy Set and Mobile Stand



Chris Wong

Chris Wong

Hi Ron,
This saw has a maximum 280 millimetre (11 inch) rip capacity.



What’s the maximum rip capacity from blade to fence?

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