Ultimate Tools has rebranded. This is a sample of the new logo, engraved in a plank of wood.

Notice anything different?

If you’ve browsed our website or visited us in the store recently, you may have seen our new logo and brand identity. We’re proud to launch a design refresh that we think perfectly captures what we’re all about.

We’ve honed in on our brand’s personality and explored some fun questions that got us to see ourselves in a new light. For example, “If Ultimate Tools were a celebrity, who would it be?” (Ditto for “beverage” and “vehicle.”) We’d love to see your guesses in the comments… 

After nailing that down, we got a logo and a look and feel that communicates three things we care a lot about at Ultimate Tools: precision, creativity, and efficiency.

Now, for a behind-the-scenes tour…




The concept of "precision" in the new Ultimate Tools logo.

There’s nothing more important (or satisfying) than a precise cut. Which is why we incorporated a few into our logo. Looks sharp, right? 



The concept of "creativity" in the new Ultimate Tools logo.

At Ultimate Tools, one of our missions is to give you the opportunity (and of course, the tools and machinery) to be creative. Our logo reflects this by incorporating the shapes of basic wooden building blocks: both the ones that we use in our various projects, and the childhood ones we might think back on with nostalgia.



The concept of "efficiency" in the new Ultimate Tools logo.

Last but certainly not least, efficiency in terms of both time and materials is something we emphasize in everything we do. In our new logo, the angle of the cut demonstrates forward motion and looking ahead. We like that this reflects how we run our operations: we know your time is valuable, so we’re always planning ahead to ensure we have stock when you need it, and making sure we’re available to answer your questions or help with your order. 


New Ultimate Tools branding displayed on a Sprinter van.

And there you have it!

While our logo and branding might have gotten a makeover, what hasn’t changed is our passion for supplying reliable, high-quality tools when you need them, so that you can bring your creative visions to life. 

Our expert staff is always available to answer any questions and help you find the perfect tool or equipment from our wide selection of stock, and we stand by our service with top-notch customer support, fast shipping, and a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on select items. 

If you haven’t seen it in action yet, check out our website or come see us in the store (and maybe browse some tools for your next project, while you’re at it).

We couldn't have done it without an incredible team.

A special thank you to the husband and wife creative team that made this rebrand possible; Perry Chua and Lori Popadiuk of Perry Chua Brand Design. We couldn't imagine a more aligned look and feel for Ultimate Tools. Thank you for bringing this vision to life!

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Chris Repchinsky

Chris Repchinsky

Ultimate Tools . . . . . . EXCELLENT Logo!!!!
Very simple and yet very effective !!!
I will be checking you out in the future and I wish you all the best in the years to come.
Chris R

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