Spotlight on Amana Tool Electro-Blu Coated Saw Blades

About Amana Tool

Based in New York, Amana Tool has been a leader in the cutting tools industry for over 40 years, specializing in industrial-quality carbide tooling for wood, plastic, aluminum, composite and metal working industries.

Their products are produced with fully-automated machinery, the highest quality raw materials, technical knowledge and ongoing research and development.

Amana Tool saw blades

In the manufacture of saw blades, Amana first ensures plates are perfectly straightened, balanced and tensioned. Then expansion slots are laser-cut to ensure stability and copper plugs added reduce noise and vibration. A H7 concentric bore is precisely machined to provide a tight fit on the arbor to eliminate circular run-out and vibration. Finally, large gullets are cut to ensure adequate chip clearance, and large, European-style microgram carbide tips are brazed in place.

Electro-Blu coating

Applied with an electrostatic bonding process, Amana's Electro-Blu coating helps the carbide teeth stay sharp longer to extend time between sharpenings, and therefore increase productivity and extend blade life. It does this by reducing build-up of heat and resins, both of which decrease blade performance and accelerate dulling.

The bottom line

Electro-Blu saw blades are well-priced and last longer between sharpenings, making them excellent value. Try one for your table saw, panel saw, radial arm or mitre saw and see for yourself!
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