Spotlight on Lamello P-System

Introducing Lamello's P-System

Lamello's revolutionary P-System revolves around three types of connectors and makes permanent or reversible assembly of regular or irregular forms fast, strong, and simple.

P-System connectors are fast and easy to install in solid wood, sheet goods, composites and other similar materials without tools. Once installed, they offer a high level of pull-out resistance and prevent twisting of the components while affording a lateral tolerance for perfectly flush edges. Choose from two sizes, which install in 10 or 14 millimetre deep slots.

Installation of P-System Connectors

All P-System connectors install quickly and securely without glue or tools. Simply use your hand to press them into the P-System slot, which holds them securely and resists pull-out. This saves time, money, and means you need fewer things on your bench.

The P-System Slot

The P-System slot is the heart of the system. It is cut with a specially-shaped disc cutter that moves to full depth, then vertically to produce the undercut.

Cutting the P-System Slot

The special P-System slot cut can be made with Lamello's hand-held Zeta P2 Joiner or a CNC machine.

P-System Connectors

Each of the four styles of connectors - Clamex, Clamex Flexus, Tenso, and Divario - offer distinct benefits and your choice will depend on the applications and requirements. In addition, two sizes are available for groove depths of 10 or 14 millimetres to work with different material thicknesses.

1. Clamex P Connector for Easy Connecting and Disconnecting

This detachable connector provides a strong clamping force and can be locked or unlocked with about a quarter rotation with a hex key. The connectors don't protrude from the surface once installed so components can be stacked safely for storage and transport. Once assembled, only a small hole is left visible, which can be capped if desired.

2. Clamex P Flexus Detachable Connectors

This variation of the Clamex has flexible alignment members that allow installation between two fixed components such as gables. Ideal for shelves, and provides additional strength to the carcass with its clamping forces.

3. Tenso P Connector for Glued Joints without Clamps

This snap-together connector pulls the two components firmly together and replaces external clamps, resulting in less stressful glue-ups whether they are simple or complex. Save time applying and removing clamps. An optional preload clip reduces the force required to assemble the joint which is recommended when more than two Tenso P connectors are used in a joint.

4. Divario P Connector Self-Clamping Slide-In Assembly

This slide-in connector is completely concealed when installed. Ideal for shelves, and provides additional strength to the carcass with its clamping forces.


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