Festool Airstream Batteries Coming to Canada!

The latest in battery technology, Festool's Airstream lithium-ion batteries offer exceptional run-time and have internal air ducts for faster charging and cooling.

New 6.2 Ah and 5.2 Ah Airstream, and 3.1 Ah batteries also feature a built-in LED fuel indicator.

These batteries are compatible with all Festool 18V tools including drills, track saws, and jig saws. When you slide your Airstream battery onto an Airstream charger, it won't sit there and wait to cool down before charging. Instead, a fan inside the charger circulates cool air through the battery and the charging cycle begins immediately.

airstream battery system

Note: Airstream chargers are compatible with all Festool slide-on lithium-ion batteries. Non-Airstream batteries are fully compatible, and will also charge at a higher rate than with earlier chargers.

New chargers are also able to charge Airstream and other Festool slide-on lithium-ion batteries faster than ever.

Cordless tools will be available with Airstream batteries and chargers starting April 3, 2017, and you can pre-order them now on our website.

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