Woodpeckers Dado Setup Fixture and Gap Gauges

These two table saw accessories will greatly simplify the process of building a properly-sized dado stack.

With the Dado Setup Fixture clamped in a vise, or on a work bench or Festool Multi-Function Table, you can easily add dado blades and shims without working inside a table saw, where you risk damaging a carbide tooth on the cast iron table. The large knurled locking nut allows you to tighten the blade just as it would be on the table saw, so accuracy is easy.

The Gap Gauge is the other half of the equation. First, use it to gauge the thickness of stock you wish to fit in the groove. Then, use it as a go-no-go gauge to verify the width of the dado stack.

Once the adjustments are done, simply move the dado blade and shim combination to the table saw.

As with all Woodpeckers OneTIME Tools, this one is made to order, and available only by pre-order. April 3, 2017 is the deadline for pre-orders, with delivery estimated of July 2017.

For more information, or to pre-order, click HERE.

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