New Festool Knock-Down Domino Connectors for Domino XL

Available in Canada starting April 3, this system of knock-down hardware is simple to install using the Festool Domino DF700 and allows connections to be made or disassembled quickly and easily with just a hex key.

Three different styles of connectors allow the hardware to be placed in different orientations for creating flat or corner joints.

Use the corner connector for joints between table legs and aprons. The blind mortise in the leg, as seen below, ensures a strong and clean-looking joint.

domino corner connector

This is made possible by the blind Expansion Anchor, which is wedged open when the Anchor Bolt is installed, locking it in place permanently.

Ideal for joining two broad surfaces together, such as countertops or stair railings, the Surface Connectors are fully recessed. They provide the strength and accuracy of alignment you expect from the Domino joining system with easy assembly and disassembly.

domino surface connector

Decorative caps are also available to conceal the connectors.

Read more about the Domino Connectors and order them HERE.

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