New from Festool: Hand Sanding Abrasives

Festool has just announced a line of abrasive papers, foam pads and sponges to make hand sanding easier and quicker.

Building on the high quality and versatile Granat and Vlies abrasive lines, Festool's new sanding accessories are high quality and well-priced.

What Kind of Abrasive is Granat?

Granat is Festool's premium abrasive paper, recognizable by its blue colour. Not to be confused with garnet, Granat is a blend of super-hard ceramic and aluminum oxide grit. Coupled with flexible backings, strong adhesives and a high tech coating for maximum resistance to clogging makes it a great all-around choice whether you are shaping bare wood, removing an old finish, prepping for paint, or leveling between coats of finish.

What About Vlies?

Vlies is Festool's high performance woven abrasive pad with durable aluminum oxide grit. Similar to Scotch-Brite pads, the fiber mat composition of Vlies is ideal for cleaning, scouring and scuff sanding a wide range of materials including wood, metal and paint. Used on solid surface, Vlies will produce a matte or semi-gloss sheen. The soft, flexible sanding pad is especially useful for contoured surfaces.

Square and profiled sponge sanding blocks with the versatile Granat abrasive are perfect for sanding edges, rabbets and other profiles.

Thinner Granat and Vlies sanding pads are more flexible and suited to scuff-sanding flat surfaces, mouldings, contoured surfaces and spindles.

Explore the whole hand sanding range of products we carry, including sanding blocks with dust extraction!

Festool Hand Sanding Accessories can be pre-ordered now for pick-up or shipping March 1.

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