Festool PRO 5 LTD - Pro Performance at a Low Price

Festool has just announced that they have a new sander coming next month.

Here is the new PRO 5 LTD on the left, with the ETS 125 EQ on the right.

Festool Sanders PRO 5 LTD ETS 125 EQ

Powerful. Dustless. Reliable.

The PRO 5 LTD is more powerful, and sands quicker than other sanders. The 250w motor and MMC electronics means better power transmission and less maintenance over its life.

The included edge guard protects the adjacent surface and prolongs the life of the pad.

You get the same dust-free performance that you've come to expect from Festool, and the sander features the new locking dust extraction port so the new locking D27 hose fitting connects securely with a twist. The older-style ribbed hose reducers wiggle on as well for a secure connection.

It comes in a special Ultra-Dark-Blue Festool SYS2, and includes a detachable Plug-It Power Cord, a sample pack of abrasives, and Festool's Service All-Inclusive 3-year warranty.

Festool PRO 5 LTD in Systainer

You're not going to believe the price. Everybody should buy one of these.

Each sander includes a $50 voucher to use towards your next Festool tool.

Price is $129.00.

Pre-order your PRO 5 LTD on our website now, and the sanders will be available for pick-up or shipping within Canada November 1.

Festool PRO 5 LTD Sander Video

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