Yeti Tool SmartBench 120V PrecisionPro + YetiPilot Upgrade 21531

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Get a free package of Yeti accessories worth over $1,700 AND be entered to win a SmartBench Mini with the purchase any SmartBench during the month of July. Quantities are limited, so act now to avoid disappointment!

Package includes:

  • Yeti Tool 28-piece pack of cutters
  • Collet ER16 set (to fit the 28-pack of cutters)
  • CNC Stylus
  • Vinyl weeding kit
  • Replacement spindle brush kit
  • X/Y Axis wheel replacement kit
  • Yeti Tool hat & T-shirt

Upgrade your SmartBench V1.3 PrecisionPro to a PrecisionPro + today and unlock the addition of YetiPilot, our AI Milling function. YetiPilot listens and monitors the tool, adjusting your feeds and speeds for you. This means you can save time through job optimization, reduce job failure, and extend tool and brush life.

Introducing YetiPilot to maximize feed rate, bit life, job success rate, and material usage

Yeti Tool SmartBench V1.3 120V Mini PrecisionPro + CNC Router with YetiPilot builds upon the strengths and successes of Yeti's proven SmartBench design with the world's first artificial intelligence milling support with YetiPilot.

YetiPilot continuously monitors the job (every 200 milliseconds) and adapts the cut strategy based on the actual, live condition of the cutting tool. It's like having an experienced CNC operator monitoring the machine and making adjustments on the go.

Get even better results and productivity with your SmartBench with the Precision Pro + Upgrade, featuring YetiPilot AI.

PrecisionPro + Upgrade features YetiPilot V1.0

The world's first AI milling support for CNC machines eases the learning curve and provides great benefit for every user. It optimizes job strategy and adjusts feed rates in realtime, based on spindle load and also features:

  • Reduced new material feeds and speeds learning curve
  • Auto job strategy optimization
  • Blunt cutter job fail protection
  • Spindle health check
  • Custom profile feature to create your own adaptive feed profile
  • Ever-increasing preset profiles based on material, cutter diameter, and cutter type

PrecisionPro + Upgrade includes SC2 spindle

This German-made spindle provides more sensors and feedback to work with YetiPilot, including:

  • Advanced 50 millisecond reporting with increased spindle data metrics
  • Live load sensing
  • Live speed feedback
  • Live temperature
  • Higher resolution failsafe shutdown counter
  • Onboard brush life data

Please check your machine serial number to see if you are eligible for an upgrade. Serial numbers eligible are from and including SmartBench serial number YS61322.

Yeti Tool SmartBench 120V Mini PrecisionPro + YetiPilot Upgrade 21531 specifications

SC2 Spindle

  • 4,000 to 25,000 RPM
  • 1,000 watts
  • ER16 collet
  • Accepts bits with shanks up to 10 millimetres (0.394 inch)

YetiPilot V1.0

  • Compatible with 3 to 10 millimetre diameter cutters
  • For profile and pocket cuts in wood-based materials
  • 200 millisecond adjustment rate
  • 10 to 200% feed rate adjustment range (of original feed rate)
  • Health check
  • Digital speed control
  • Auto tool stop
  • Advanced reporting

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