Yeti Tool CNC Stylus with Plotting Pen and Vinyl Cutter with 43mm Collar 21168

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Expand your SmartBench with the CNC Stylus accessory adapter which turns replaces the router with a pen plotter for drawing or vinyl cutter to make decals or cuts in other materials.

Configurable retract

The CNC Stylus includes a retract spacer that allows the tool to freely travel up to 19 millimetres in the Z axis (vertically) to accommodate surface irregularities or contours while minimizing retract times.

When necessary, the retract spacer can be removed to allow free travel of up to 19 millimetres.

ER-25 collet system

A wide range of collet sizes are available for the CNC Stylus, from 1 to 16 millimetres. Collets from 8 to 16 millimetres are included. Any tool can be used with the CNC Stylus as long as it fits one of the collets - special or proprietary tooling is not required.

43 millimetre diameter

The CNC Stylus is designed for the SmartBench, but will fit any machine with a 43 millimetre collar, which is commonly used to hold router spindles in CNC machines.

30 degree blades

These fine point blades are ideal for cutting thin materials such as films and window tints.

45 degree blades

Use these blades for cutting medium-thick materials such as adhesive-backed vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, paper, and thin card stock.

60 degree blades

These robust blades are best for cutting thick materials such as card stock, rigid vinyl, fabrics, cork, and flexible magnet.

Scope of delivery

  • CNC Stylus
  • Set of 8 ER25 collets (8 to 16 millimetres)
  • Vinyl cartridge
  • 3x sets of vinyl cutting blades (30, 45, and 60 degrees)
  • 4 Sharpie markers
  • Quick start guide

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