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Upgrade your SmartBench with BigFoot, the production-ready dust shoe from Yeti Tool.

BigFoot Dust Shoe unlocks compatibility with industrial extractor systems

The BigFoot system replaces the default dust shoe on the SmartBench, enabling industrial extraction with the 100mm hose, and delivering enhanced extraction and fewer bag changes.

It is suited to static installations where SmartBench is used for high throughput.

BigFoot can be connected to a 63 mm (2.5”) or 100 mm (4”) pipe

Allows improved waste clearance by enabling a higher air-flow: Large dust extractors have a higher flow rate than shop vacuums (which use a 38 mm hose).

The wider hose is much less likely to block than a shop vac’s 38 mm hose, allowing larger chips to be collected without blockage when dealing with larger debris, such as plywood strings.

The 63 or 100 mm system means that the user can capitalize on the larger capacity dust bag that a static dust extractor has and save time and money with the reduced frequency of bag changes.

BigFoot has halo status lighting for easy monitoring and built in static handling 

BigFoot comes with an extra status lighting PCB sitting under the ZHead cover plate, being visible from all sides of the SmartBench, and helping the operators to keep track of the machines.

Also, the flexible hose supplied with BigFoot has a conductive winding, which connects to the ZHead (2B onwards), and an earthing point on the extraction ducting to discharge static electricity build up.

Replaceable brush strips and quick attach door make the BigFoot even more convenient 

Brushes surround all three sides of the dust shoe to create a good seal against the workpiece. The brush strips can be replaced in case they wear out.

On top of all that, BigFoot has a magnetic door which is quick and easy to remove for Z datum probing. The four magnets have a 4.8 kg holding capacity to keep the door from getting knocked off during cutting.

The BigFoot Dust Shoe from Yeti Tool It is compatible with SmartBench V1.2 and above and is an exciting upgrade opportunity for existing users.

Yeti Tool BigFoot Dust Shoe scope of delivery:

  • BigFoot Dust Shoe

  • Halo light unit

  • Extension loom for Halo light unit

  • 3 m of 100 mm diameter flexible hose

  • 100 mm - 63 mm adapter and 63 mm straight coupler (to fix the 100 mm hose to BigFoot)

  • Fastener pack

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