Woodpeckers Stainless Steel Paolini Pocket Rules PPRSS-*****

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This slim, pocket-sized tool is easy to carry and its multiple functions and scales makes measuring easy and convenient.

Woodpeckers Paolini Pocket Rules have combination metric and imperial option

The stainless steel blade is 1/16 thick and 1 inch wide. Metric only and imperial options are available, as is a combination option. Metric scales are graduated in 1 millimetre increments and imperial scales have 1/32 inch graduations.

The combo scale rules feature a metric scale on the top and imperial scale on the bottom, and imperial end scale while the other side has an imperial scale on the top, and metric scales on the bottom and end.

Stainless steel Paolini Pocket Rules include a dual-purpose sliding stop/stand

The adjustable sliding stop allows easy setting of projections, just like a combination square. It can be removed and placed inside the cutout in the body of the rule for hands-free setting of machines and cutters.

Paolini Pocket Rule end notch accepts a pencil

Perfectly sized for a pencil, the end notch allows accurate scribing without having to accommodate for the line thickness.

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