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The Stainless Steel DelVe Square is a solid upgrade to the extremely popular aluminum version, packed with a ton of features for the furniture maker and cabinetmaker beyond the 45 and 90 degree squares in a small and lightweight format.

Common dimensions built into every Stainless Steel DelVe Square

The anodized aluminum base is offset on the stainless steel blade with a 1/4 inch reveal on one side and 3/8 on the other for drawing parallel lines at these offsets. This allows you to instantly locate the centre of 1/2 and 3/4 inch thick stock, and easily lay out joinery including mortises and tenons and lap joints.

The base is 3/4 inch wide and has machined thicknesses of 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch, and the blade is 1/8 inch thick. Need to set your table saw blade 1/8 inch high, router bit 1/4 inch deep, or bore halfway through a 3/4 inch board with the drill press? Easy.

Cutouts in the bodies of the squares provide additional offsets - 1/2 inch for the smaller square and 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch for the larger version.

DelVe Square delivers accuracy in every field

The scales on the blade are laser engraved with an accuracy +/-0.004 inches total accumulated error, and Woodpeckers' signature scribing holes are located along the blade every 1/8 inch for drawing parallel lines. The triangle's hypotenuse is engraved at every degree, with additional marks at 22.5 and 67.5 degrees for 8-sided layouts.

Special hole in DelVe Square blade for centre drills

The blade of each DelVe Square has a countersunk hole located 3/8 inch from the base. This allows rapid drilling of holes centred on the edge of 3/4 inch thick stock with any self-centring drill bit.

Wall-mountable storage Rack-it for Stainless Steel DelVe Square

Keep your DelVe Square safe, yet always accessible and ready for use with the included Rack-it.

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