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Woodpeckers Mitre Clamping Tools let you put clamping pressure where it's needed

Woodpeckers Mitre Clamping Tools allow you to apply pressure directly across the mitre joint to pull the joint tight without encouraging parts to slide past each other.

These Mitre Clamping Tools don't have limits

Other mitre clamps incorporate built-in clamps to secure them to your stock, so if your workpiece doesn't fit, you're out of luck. Woodpeckers Mitre Clamping Tools, on the other hand, work with your own clamps so the width of stock you can use with them is unlimited. Use them to assemble tiny trim or large railings or door casings.

Mitre Clamps to last a lifetime

Each tool is made from durable, lightweight aluminum heavily reinforced with ribbing to tolerate and distribute heavy clamping pressure. The clamping faces have ridges to improve grip without marking your workpiece. Woodpeckers signature red anodizing not only provides aesthetic benefit, but prevents most adhesives and finishes from adhering.

Two sizes of Mitre Clamping Tools for large and small projects

For work 1/2 to 1 inch thick, the 3/4 inch Clamping Tools are perfect. For anything larger, go with the 1-1/2 inch Clamping Tools. One pair allows you to assemble one corner.

Package of 2.

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