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Hook rules provide positive registration for precise measurements of inside or outside dimensions every time

Woodpeckers Hook Rules are the ideal tool for precise measuring inside and outside dimensions up to 24 inches. The laser-cut rules have a hook at one end for outside measurements that reliably register off the edge of material, even over profiled edges less than 1/4 inch deep. For inside measurements, flip the rule over and butt the opposite end against the adjacent surface.

Woodpeckers hook rules are 1/32 inch thick with satin finish

The thin stainless steel blades reduce parallax for better accuracy when marking, and the no-glare satin finish makes reading the scale easy in any lighting conditions.

1/16 and 1/32 inch scale right to left on one side of the hook rules, left to right on the other, and end scale

The top scale is graduated in 1/16ths of an inch, and the bottom in 1/32nds. The scale reads from left to right from the hook end on one side, and right to left on the other side for inside measurements. A bonus scale at the end of the rule is handy for setting blade and bit depths. Each scale is laser engraved to a tolerance of +/- 0.004 inches total accumulated error.

Wall-mount Rack-it

The included Rack-it mounts to the wall to keep the Hook Rules safe, yet easily accessible.

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  • Your choice of Hook Rule
  • Wall-mountable Rack-it

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