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Woodpeckers EZ Edge Corner Planes allow you to precisely soften sharp edges with just a few swipes, leaving an edge that's durable, and friendly to touch.

EZ Edge Corner Plane is designed for repeatability

The anodized aluminum body is carefully machined with a 90 degree notch in the sole for precise and repeatable results. The sole of the plane registers against the two adjacent surfaces of the wood and limits the depth of cut - once the profile is created, the plane automatically stops cutting - repeatability is guaranteed.

EZ Edge Corner Planes are easy to set and quick to use

Depth adjustment with the thumbwheel is quick and precise and once set, creating profiles is fast and simple - even in figured woods. You'll find adding round overs and chamfers with the EZ Edge Corner Plane faster than selecting a router bit and setting it up properly. It's much quieter and more satisfying, too!

Cut chamfers or round overs with EZ Edge

The EZ Edge Corner Plane can be purchased with a straight blade for 45 degree chamfers, or a 1/4 inch radius blade for a perfect round over profile. 1/8, 3/16, and 1/4 inch radius blades are available separately, and all blades (including the chamfer blade) can be installed in any EZ Edge Corner Plane body. For convenience, you may choose to have multiple planes set up with specific cutters rather than have to swap blades.

EZ Edge blades are easy to sharpen

Although the thought of sharpening profiled cutters, the process is actually very simple. Just hone the flat back of the cutter on a sharpening stone to restore the edge. Each blade is made of high-quality O1 tool steel which takes a very fine edge and sharpens easily.

Woodpeckers EZ Edge Corner Plane scope of delivery

  • EZ Edge Corner Plane
  • Choice of blade
  • Rack-it
  • Hex wrench for disassembly

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