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Whiteside Bearing Accessory Kit is great for replacing bearings and screws.

With its generous bearing assortment, you can easily adjust cutting depths and switch between profiles.

Additionally, the kit includes lock collars and bearings, enabling you to add bearing guides to the shanks of your standard bits for precise template following.

Whiteside Bearing Accessory Kit with Bearings, Lock Collars and Screws BB701 scope of delivery:

  • 4x B3 (1/2”) bearings
  • 1x B2 (3/8”) bearing
  • 1x B7 (5/8”) bearing
  • 1x B8 (3/4”) bearing
  • 1x B9 (1/2”) bearing
  • 1x B6 (5/8”) bearing
  • 1x B4 (3/4”) bearing
  • 1x B5 (7/8”) bearing
  • 1x B11 (1- 1/8”) bearing
  • 2x Bearing Lock Collars LC-1/4
  • 2x Bearing Lock Collars LC-1/2 
  • 1x 1/16” Hex Key wrench
  • 1x 5/64” Hex Key wrench
  • 1x 3/32” Hex Key wrench
  • 1x 5/32” Hex Key wrench
  • 10x 54025S bearing screws

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