Wera Tools Zyklop 1/2 Inch x 277mm Speed Ratchet

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Wera Tools Zyklop 1/2 Inch Speed Ratchet is a versatile and user-friendly ratchet with a fine-tooth ratchet function and ergonomic two-component handle. Sockets lock on securely and release with a button on the back of the head.

Wera Tools Zyklop Speed Ratchets feature a swivelling head

By pulling back on the locking slide, the head can be swivelled and locked in-line or at 15 or 90 degrees left or right. The in-line 0 degree position is especially useful for rapid driving in low-torque applications (including driving screws) where the symmetrical hexagonal handle acts like a flywheel and the free-rotating sleeve can be held with the other hand for additional stability and control.

Fine-tooth Zyklop Speed Ratchet allows quicker working and operation in tighter spaces

The 72-tooth gear provides excellent power transmission and ratcheting operation with as little as 5 degrees of swing so you can rapidly pivot the handle back and forth more efficiently, and in tighter areas. Ratchet rotational direction is controlled by the thumbwheel on the back of the head which is accessible in any position.

Zyklop 1/2 Inch x 277mm Speed Ratchet features Wera's ergonomic two-component handle

The Kraftform handle is perfectly adapted to the hand, so hand injuries including blisters and calluses are avoided. The shape allows a comfortable grip and good control with less strain.

Wera's handles are made of two different materials. The hard, smooth section material that makes up most of the handle allows rapid handling without the skin "sticking" to the handle, while the softer inlays provide enhanced grip and optimum transmission of rotational force.

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