Wera Tools 4-Piece Joker Self-Setting Wrench Set

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Wera Tools 4-Piece Joker Self-Setting Wrench Set includes four wrenches that cover at least 18 different sizes of metric and imperial nuts and bolts. These wrenches make is quicker to select the right size, and quicker to drive the fastener thanks to the self-setting and ratcheting functions. They store away neatly in a compact tool holder that can be suspended from a wall or cart with the hook and loop fastener on the back.

Wera Tools Joker Self-Setting Wrenches automatically adjust to the size of the fastener

Save time not searching and checking the fit of wrenches to find the best fit. Instead of 18 or more wrenches to choose from, your choice is reduced to four. Further, each wrench automatically adjusts within its range to the fastener so a good fit in ensured.

Joker Self-Setting Wrenches also apply pressure to the sides of the fastener

Not only to the Joker Self-Setting Wrenches automatically adjust to the size of the fastener, they continuously adjust to the size of fasteners with hexagonal heads and the integral lever mechanism securely clamps the nut or bolt, reducing risk of slippage or damage to the fastener or surrounding area. This transfers the force directly onto the flats of the fastener instead of the corners as typical wrenches do, reducing the risk of rounding off the corners.

Ratcheting mechanism built into Joker Self-Setting Wrenches

A byproduct of the self-setting feature is the ratchet function. By counter-rotating the wrench, the movable jaw slides back and allows the bolt head to allow the fastener to slip past before re-engaging at the next opportunity when you can continue to turn the fastener using the notches in the jaws. Only a 30 degree sweep is required to operate the ratcheting function.

Wera Tools 4-Piece Joker Self-Setting Wrench Set scope of delivery

  • 6004 Joker XS 117mm self-setting spanner (7 to 10mm or 1/2 to 3/8 inch capacity)
  • 6004 Joker S 154mm self-setting spanner (10 to 13mm or 7/16 to 1/2 inch capacity)
  • 6004 Joker M 188mm self-setting spanner (13 to 16mm or 1/2 to 5/8 inch capacity)
  • 6004 Joker L 224mm self-setting spanner (16 to 19mm or 5/8 to 3/4 inch capacity)

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