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Wera Tools 39-Piece Metric Tool-Check PLUS is as close to a complete toolset as you can find in a pocket-sized package. It includes a modular screwdriver and ratchet with bit holder and socket adapter, plus 7 sockets and 26 screwdriver bits in an easy-to-access organizer measuring only 190 x 100 x 35mm (7.48 x 3.94 x 1.38 inches).

Tool-Check PLUS not only contains all the components, but organizes and presents them, too

It's almost magical opening the Tool-Check PLUS and having the two rows of bits tilt forward for access. You can see each bit clearly, and have ample room for your fingers to remove the bit you need. Every socket, every screwdriver bit, and every tool has a place in the Tool-Check PLUS.

39-Piece Metric Tool-Check PLUS allows a multitude of configurations for any task

Use either the Kraftform screwdriver or 1/4 inch ratchet with screwdriver bits directly installed, or with the 50mm long Rapidaptor Universal Bit Holder or 1/4 inch socket adapter depending on whether the task required high torque or high speed. For greater torque, the ratchet can be used installed in the Tool-Check for more purchase and leverage.

Wera Tools 39-Piece Metric Tool-Check PLUS screwdriver features Wera's ergonomic two-component Kraftform handle

The Kraftform handle is perfectly adapted to the hand, so hand injuries including blisters and calluses are avoided. The shape allows a comfortable grip and good control with less strain , and the front end is hexagonal to prevent rolling.

Wera's handles are made of two different materials. The hard, smooth section material that makes up most of the handle allows rapid handling without the skin "sticking" to the handle, while the softer inlays provide enhanced grip and optimum transmission of rotational force.

Sturdy fine-pitched ratchet is the heart of Wera's Tool-Check PLUS

The robust ratchet is drop forged of steel, and rated for torque exceeding 65 Nm. It has a fine-tooth gear with a small return angle of 6 degrees for fast work even in tight spaces.

Rapidaptor 1/4 inch screwdriver bit holder provided with 39-Piece Tool-Check PLUS serves as an extension or drill adapter

The Rapidaptor allows speedy changing between any conventional 1/4 inch hex screwdriver bits, and the free-rotating sleeve provides a control point from which to hold and guide the tool with your other hand.

To install a bit in the Rapidaptor, simple insert the bit. To remove, slide the sleeve forwards and remove the bit. Use it with the Kraftform screwdriver handle, ratchet, or a drill/driver.

 39-Piece Metric Tool-Check PLUS includes Wera's colour-coded sockets

Wera's "Take it easy" tool finder with colour coding by size allows quick and easy identification of the right tool. The chrome vanadium sockets are easy to grip even with oily hands, and have a dull-chromed finish for protection.

Wera Tools 39-Piece Metric Tool-Check PLUS scope of delivery

  • 8001 A 1/4 inch x 87mm Bit Ratchet
  • 813 1/4 inch x 78mm Bitholding screwdriver
  • 889/4/1 K 1/4 inch x 50mm Rapidaptor Universal Bit Holder
  • 870/1 1/4 inch x 25mm socket adaptor
  • 7x 8790 HMA Zyklop 1/4 inch sockets
    • 5.5mm
    • 6
    • 7
    • 8
    • 10
    • 12
    • 13
  • 6x 851/1 TZ 25mm Phillips screwdriver bits
    • 2x #1
    • 3x #2
    • 1x #3
  • 5x 855/1 TZ 25mm Pozidriv screwdriver bits
    • 1x #1
    • 3x #2
    • 1x #3
  • 6x 867/1 TZ 25mm Torx screwdriver bits
    • T-10
    • T-15
    • T-20
    • T-25
    • T-30
    • T-40
  • 5x 867/1 Z 25mm security Torx screwdriver bits (with centre hole)
    • T-10
    • T-15
    • T-20
    • T-25
    • T-30
  • 1x 800/1 25mm slot screwdriver bit
    • 5.5mm

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