U2 Fasteners 5/16 Inch Heavy Duty Structural Washer Head Construction Screws S2010*****

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These heavy-duty structural fasteners have a round head with increased bearing surface for greater pull-through resistance. Ideal for timber framing, stairs, decks, rafters, planter boxes, post supports, laminated beams, retaining walls, SIP panels, fences and other structures.

Tight star recess

The special socket provides an excellent, wobble free fit on the Torx screwdriver bits so screws can be installed easily with one hand. Stripping is practically eliminated, and the 6-point recess is optimized for transmission of force.

U2 Gold coating

This multi-layer coating makes the screws suitable for interior and exterior use. It is AC257 compliant, free of cancer-causing chemicals lists on Proposition 65, and is compliant with ground contact treated lumber ACQ-D 0.6 pcf.

Case hardened steel

Screws has a hardened shell for high tensile, shear, and torque strength while the softer inner core provides flexibility and high bending angles.

Tapper point with L-cutting threads

The fine point on the screw allows easy and accurate placement of the screw, and the full thread at the tip quickly engages with the wood and pulls the screw in. The L-shaped threads above work like a saw blade to cut the threads and reduce necessary torque. The gap in the threads carries waste and allows the screw to penetrate without splitting the material.


A bulge just after the tapping section reduces friction on the minor diameter of the screw, allowing it to be driven in faster and with less effort and energy usage.

Cutting threads

The screw's threads cut a smooth path into both natural and synthetic materials, ensuring high strength and resistance to backing out. The dual threads thread enlarges the hole created by the screw to allow the rest of the screw to be driven in quickly without bridging.

Washer head with Talon grip

The large round head has lots of surface area to distribute force and increase pull-through resistance. The pattern in the underside of the head interlocks with the material to make it harder to back out, and provides a clean, finished appearance.

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