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The all-round 1950 siaspeed abrasive discs are designed for optimal stock removal rates, flawless surface quality, and extended durability. It excels in applications like refining body filler, primer filler, lacquers, and paints during surface treatments.

    Master the art of sanding with Siaspeed Sanding Discs

    Achieving a flawless finish is an art that begins with meticulous surface preparation. Sanding serves as a fundamental step in this process to address imperfections and ensure seamless adhesion. Initial sanding removes old coatings, creating a clean canvas.

    Additionally, use Siaspeed sanding disks for leveling irregularities introduced by body filler and composite materials, laying the foundation for a uniform surface. In the critical step of applying primer filler, fine sanding readies the surface for subsequent layers of paint or lacquer. 

    Siaspeed Sanding Disks for Seamless Blending and Matte Finishes

    Siaspeed sanding disks can also be used for keying old and new lacquers. These discs create slight abrasions on the surface, enhancing adhesion for fresh lacquer coats over existing ones. This process ensures a strong bond between layers, promoting a durable and seamless finish.

    Getting a harmonious blend between old and new lacquers requires skillful sanding for a matte finish, ensuring even color transition and enhancing the final aesthetic.

    Flawless Finishes with Siaspeed Sanding Disks

    Siaspeed sanding disks eliminate imperfections like orange peel texture and dust inclusions, resulting in a smooth, glossy surface. It's also used in preparation for polishing on high-gloss surfaces, in order to create a flawless foundation.

    From addressing existing imperfections to creating an ideal surface for subsequent coatings, Siaspeed sanding disks plays a vital role in achieving the desired flawless finish.

    sia Siaspeed Sanding Discs advantages:

    • Very high stock removal rates and excellent finish
    • Performance-enhancing grit mix with ceramic aluminium oxide in 40 - 80 grit range
    • Minimal clogging thanks to open coating in 220 - 600 grit range
    • Extremely long lifetime
    • Lower abrasive consumption
    • Versatile all-round product with an attractive range of options

    sia Siaspeed Sanding Discs 9 Inch application:

    • Colour
    • Primer filler
    • Bodyfiller
    • Lacquer
    • Old lacquer
    • Primer coat
    • Epoxy primer coat
    • Cathodic dip primer coat
    • Plastics
    • Acrylic glass
    • Gelcoat polyester
    • Glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP)

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