Shaper Tools Connected Caliper SY1-CC1

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Shaper Tools Connected Caliper is a high precision caliper that easily sends accurate measurements to Origin and various Bluetooth devices at the push of a button.

Connect. Measure. Send.

Avoid unnecessary errors with the Connected Caliper

Precision in measurement is crucial for project success. The Connected Caliper simplifies the process of sending precise measurements to Origin, making it easy to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Whether in the workshop, on the job site, or any other location requiring precise measurements, rely on the Connected Caliper for guaranteed accuracy.

Shaper Connected Caliper connects easily to Origin or other Bluetooth devices

Simply press the yellow button, and the Connected Caliper will automatically send your measurement to Origin, populating the dimension from cut depth to part geometry.

With the capacity to connect to other Bluetooth devices, the Connected Caliper can transmit measurements to a computer, where, for example, your preferred CAD tool or spreadsheet is running.

The Connected Caliper Includes a depth stop attachment and a large multi-unit display

The included depth stop accessory makes it simple and precise to measure pockets and slots.

The large multi-unit display allows to switch between units, easily transitioning from inches to millimeters or fractions.

Shaper Tools Connected Caliper SY1-CC1 scope of delivery:

  • Connected Caliper

  • Protective case

  • Depth stop

  • Two batteries

  • Battery compartment tool

  • Certificate of inspection

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