SawStop Revolution Mitre Gauge TSA-RMG


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SawStop Revolution Miter Gauge is built around a mitre gauge head with an innovative and intuitive dial adjustment to fine-tune the angle. Settings are precise, reliable, and repeatable. Furthermore, setup and adjustments are possible without tools for speed and ease.

Revolution mitre gauge head

The large protractor is carefully machined from steel plate to within 0.001 inches for exceptional precision. The large dial allows smooth adjustments for mitre cuts, and the mitre gauge can be locked in at 1/10, 1/4, 1/2, or 1 degree increments. Free rotation is also possible.

Revolution Mitre Gauge features micro-adjust flip stop

The articulating flip stop has a built-in fine adjust which can be adjusted in 1/64 inch increments without tools. It's unique design allows it to be used even with a sacrificial fence for splinter-free cuts.

Extendable up to 37 inches

For crosscuts up to 37 inches long, the mitre gauge fence can be extended without tools.

Smooth and slop free fit in the mitre gauge slot

Dynamic expansion disks keep the mitre gauge running accurately in your table saw's mitre gauge slot.

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