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R-Cast 2.0 is a 2-part epoxy resin designed for mass casting. The new formulation has an improved cure time and hardness that better accommodates wood movement. It dries clear without bubbles, and has very high UV resistance so is anti-yellowing. Ideal for river tables, charcuterie boards, and other artistic projects with thicknesses between 1/2 and 2-1/2 inches.

Food safe

Once catalyzed, the resin meets FDA requirements for food contact.

Easy to use

Wood must be under 12% moisture content and recommended ambient temperature is 21 degrees Celsius (+/- 5 degrees).

Basic preparation is required for successful pours. To ensure a good bond between wood and epoxy, first remove the bark and remove any residue. 

For clear epoxy pours (as opposed to coloured), it is recommended to first seal the edges of the wood with R-Epoxy, let it dry for 24 hours, then lightly sand for a perfect bond.

Combine two parts in the correct ratio and mix in a clockwise direction (to minimize bubbles) for five minutes, then add pigment and mix for an additional three minutes if using. Pour into the prepared mold (see document for tips on preparing mold) and use a cooling fan for the first 24 hours to dissipate heat. 

Remove from mold when epoxy is hard to the touch - approximately 4-5 days.

Can be poured in multiple layers

For maximum adhesion, pour the next layer after about 36 hours when the previous layer is dry to the touch but still soft and tacky (never pour if the first layer is still liquid unless within 2 hours of the first pour).

If R-Cast 2.0 is dry (has cured for more than 84 hours) lightly sand the first layer with 120-grit abrasive for better adhesion.


  • 0.5 inch minimum recommended thickness
  • 2.5 inch maximum recommended thickness
  • 2:1 mixing ratio
  • Clear colour
  • 510 cps viscosity
  • 1.5 hour pot life when mixed, at 21 degrees Celsius
  • 8-12 hour gel time
  • 5 days for full cure
  • 18 to 21 degree Celsius (65 to 70 degree Fahrenheit) ideal working temperature
  • 75 degrees Celsius (167 degrees Fahrenheit) TG Ultime (glass transition)
  • 39 degrees Celsius (102 degrees Fahrenheit) peak exotherm temperature
  • 85 hardness (shore D)
  • Cleans up with acetone or xylene

Click here for the technical sheet (English).

Click here for the technical sheet (French).

Click here for the crystallization document (English).

Click here for the crystallization document (French).

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