Robbox Sennses Pro RBBX-SEN-PRO-DEV

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Robbox Sennses Pro performs multiple measuring and layout tasks, including distance measuring, levelling, and stud detecting. System attachments expand both its utility and accuracy. A built-in, adjustable work light is always there when you need it, and the rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides enough energy to last all day, and recharges with the included USB-C charging cable.

Ideal for general contractors, cabinet installers, carpenters, renovators, home builders, electricians, woodworkers, and DIY-ers.

The free Robbox companion app allows more measurements to be saved and organized, and can be used to screen mirror the device and remotely control Sennses Pro in real time. Available for iOS and Android.

Sennses Pro excels at laser measuring

The Sensses Laser Measuring System allows quick and accurate measurements in an instance. Lasers at each end of the tool can work independently, or together. The Find Centre option uses both lasers and guides you to the centre of two surfaces in seconds.

Use Sennses Pro to calculate area and save measurements

With a few touches, you can quickly and accurately calculate the entire area of a room without having to walk around it. Measurements can be saved for reference later. The Robbox App can be used to organize and store additional information.

Precise 1 and 2 axis digital levelling with Sennses Pro and accessories

The digital levelling technology built into Sensses Pro offers unmatched speed and a high level of precision in a compact package. Where a longer level is desired, Sennses Pro can be easily fitted into one of the accessory box beam extensions. The 2 axis levelling feature is perfect for countertops.

Sennses Pro automatically switches between 1 axis and 2 axis mode, or can be locked in either mode.

Accurately locate studs with Sennses Pro

With realtime on-screen visuals, and an indicator for the centre of the stud, Sennses Pro provides instant, accurate readings with no calibration required. Distance to the stud is also indicated on-screen.

Measure angles with Sennses Pro

With Robbox's Sennses Pro, you can quickly and accurately identify specific angles using the built-in angle finder feature.

Robbox Sennses Pro RBBX-SEN-PRO-DEV specifications

  • 5 inches long
  • Aluminum and plastic construction
  • 260 foot laser range
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • 0.6 pounds
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 0.03 inch measurement accuracy
  • 0.03 degree accuracy for level at 0 or 90 degrees
  • 0.1 degree accuracy for level from 1 to 89 degrees
  • 1.4 watt LED work light at 5,000K
  • Magnetic base

    Robbox Sennses Pro RBBX-SEN-PRO-DEV scope of delivery

    • Sennses Pro
    • USB-C charging cable
    • 1-year manufacturer's warranty for all parts
    • Access to the Robbox app

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